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Semi-Permanent makeup is specialized cosmetic tattooing. For the eyebrows it is also commonly referred to as microblading, micro pigmentation, 3-D or 6-D brows, brow-feathering, etc. In the hairstroke techniques, the color is applied by depositing pigment into the epidermis of the skin. It is long-lasting but will naturally fade with UV exposure and natural skin exfoliation.

The beauty of semi-permanent makeup is that it offers you the ability to look and feel beautiful and confident 24/7–in the gym, in the pool, all the time! Even if you’re struggling with patchy, sparse, scarred, misshapen, uneven, or nonexistent brows. Most women can benefit from semi-permanent makeup. Like regular makeup, you can problem shoot a small area (i.e. cover up scars, blend into your existing brow), or go the full extent and create an entire brow from scratch.

As long as you meet the minimum age requirements and are relatively healthy, almost anyone can. I have worked with clients of all ages and ethnicities and helped them achieve their aesthetic goals. It’s also a great option if you can’t wear traditional cosmetics due to sensitivities or certain allergies, and it’s also ideal if you lead a busy or active lifestyle.

Safety and cleanliness is a priority and our environment and commitment reflect these values. All needles are sterile for individual use and are fully disposed after each use.

Yes, during the initial portion of your appointment, we will have a conversation about what you’re hoping to achieve and I will recommend shapes and colors based on my assessment of your features.

Your permanent makeup will intensify in color and appear darker and more defined for the first 4-6 days. There may also be an alteration in the color and it may look “warmer” or reddish in tone if you’re prone to sensitive skin. There is no puffiness or redness for the eyebrows; two days of puffiness for the eyes. Basically, your makeup appearance will be bolder. It is a good idea to “lay low” during this time and reduce social events. After one week, the intensity will soften 40%-50% and will look more natural.

Many times clients return to work immediately after or resume the next day; it’s up to you and your comfort level. The most noticeable day is the next day. Eyebrow procedures produce no swelling or bruising but the color will intensify in the following days post procedure. Please note: your permanent makeup will look darker than usual during the first week–this is completely normal.

You will need to avoid contact with water as much as possible. No swimming and sun tanning for 2 weeks after any procedure. Gentle washing with gentle cleansers only when absolutely needed. Avoid scrubbing the permanent makeup area until it has fully healed.

For the best results, please ensure that the specific area is healthy, moisturized, and free from blemishes prior to your procedure. If the skin area is damaged or “open” it may be best to wait for it to heal first. MOISTURIZED SKIN IS PIVOTAL. If your skin is dry it is detrimental to the procedure as this prevents optimal retention. Please take care, be advised and prepare accordingly.


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