Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo

Here are the two technique used by Wow Browz to create the perfect set of Eyebrows:
Hair-stroke Eyebrows:
The hair-stroke eyebrows otherwise known as micro-bladding or hair simulation technique, is a technique I use for creating the most natural brows possible. The hair stroke technique mimics your own eyebrow hairs thus creating a feathering effect. This innovative technique is very natural looking and effortless.
Powdered Technique Eyebrows:
If you’re someone who prefers a fuller brow but still wants that soft texture, you may want to consider the powdered technique. The powder technique mimics the appearance of conventional brow makeup whether it is a brow pencil or brow shadow.
Brow treatments are perfect for the following clients
  • Hair loss and lack of definition
  • Thin brows caused by years of over plucking.
  • Chemotherapy or Alopecia
  • Scars
  • Lengthening your shorter existing eyebrows
  • Thickening thin brows
  • Correcting asymmetry
  • Active lifestyles
  • Trouble applying conventional makeup.


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  • Long Lasting Results: A decision to tattoo eyebrows is the longest lasting solution for creating beautiful full looking eyebrows
  • It’s Easy And Hassle Free: The biggest and most obvious benefit to a permanent cosmetic tattoo is the fact that they will not smudge, smear, or wash off like traditional makeup.
  • It’s Safe: Be careful not to risk your health or your appearance with cheap alternatives, and make sure that all permanent makeup procedures be done by a certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP).
  • Results Are Immediate: If you do decide to tattoo eyebrows, another positive aspect is the fact that unlike other cosmetic procedures, you won’t be burdened by an extensive recovery period. There is no swelling, or unsightly bandages to try and hide and absolutely no downtime whatsoever.
  • It Saves Time: Time is in an invaluable commodity in our fast paced busy lives. Just imagine how much you could save by not having to deal with the everyday inconvenience of makeup application and removal.
  • It Saves Money: As they say, time is money. This statement couldn’t be any truer when deciding to tattoo eyebrows. In addition to eliminating the constant expense of eyebrow makeup, powders, pencils, tints, dyes etc, just one permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure lets you forget about your eyebrows for at least 12 months so you can put the savings towards other necessities.
  • Great Results That Will Help Build Self Confidence: If done correctly and professionally, your new tattoo eyebrows will bring shape, color, density, symmetry and balance to your face and overall appearance. These great results will undoubtedly bring a renewed sense of self confidence, and a happier more productive you in all aspects of your life.

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